Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two by Two...

Noah's Ark Folk Art with 20 animals: $850
(boat: 24"L x 11"T x 7.5"W, animals range from 3"x4.5" to 2"x1.75") 

While browsing through one of our many antique magazines,
Rooney ran across an advertisement, RGL Antiques in New Jersey, picturing
an amazing display of an 1875 Noah's Ark with over 300 paired animals.
We thought that it was a fabulous way to display the folk art.
Our Noah's Ark doesn't have such a large flock, 
but would look beautiful displayed as art.

When you look around the shop, you'll find animals all sizes and prices.
Staffordshire Zebra, c1860, $1,265 (6"T x 6"L)

Complete English Peerage, 
Alexander Jacob, London c1776, $425 each (17"x20")
Carved Wooden Lion Face Mask, 6"x6", $140

French Carved Lion Face Chruxeuil (cigarette box), 
7"D x 5.5"T x 4.75"W, $295

Staffordshire Sheep Spill Vases, 4.25"W x 5"T, $500 each

Staffordshire Nest Spill Vases, 3"W x 2.5"T, $175 each

Small Boy and Girl Figurine,  5"Tall, $40 pair
Cat Shaped Ink Well, 4.5"W x 3.5"T x 3.5"D, $175

Staffordshire Mother Goose, 5"W x 7.25"T, $550

Staffordshire Poodles, 9.25"T x 7.5"W x 4.5"D, $435

A special thank you to Charlotte Photographer, Jamey Price, for allowing us to use his safari photos of the zebra and lion! Jamey's photography has been seen around the globe in many publications including Sports Illustrated. He has recently self-published a beautiful coffee table book, CHASING, Racing Life in England and IrelandJamey is also a steeplechase jockey and the son of the Queen's Cup Steeplechase founders.

All other wildlife photos found on CrushCuldeSac on Tumblr


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