Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspired by Charles Spada...

GET THE LOOK: Gold Frames $160 each, 4 Graphite on Silk Portraits, c1890, $185 each
White Ironstone Tureen $250, Blue & White Anemon Tureen $350

We are over the moon inspired by Boston Designer, Charles Spada!
This month's Veranda Magazine was full of beautiful photographs
of his renovation in Normandy, 
Manoir de Berthouville, a hunting lodge built in 1652.

GET THE LOOK: Ridgeway Morley Ware & Co., Eglintoun, c 1836-42
Dinner Plates (10) $115 each, Small Platter (2) $88 each, Bone Dish (2) $75 each

Let us help you GET THE LOOK!
These are commemorative plates of the "Eglinton Tournament" in 1839.
The Clan Montgomery is one of the oldest Scottish Clans 
with its progenitors from Normandy, France.

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where we continue to collect images that keep us inspired.


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