Saturday, November 26, 2011

Please Join Us!

With great excitement, Rooney Robison Antiques accepted 
Larry Elder’s kind invitation to showcase several of her period pieces 
alongside the dynamic work of Carl Plansky at Elder’s show, 
Retrospective of Paintings of Carl Plansky, 
being featured at Atherton Mill on December 2nd.

Rooney Robison Antiques, a neighbor of Elder Gallery, is located at 1719 South Boulevard.  Rooney Robison, like Elder, has an eye for beautiful collectibles and is eager to show how her love for enchanting English and French antiques can provide depth and interest when combined with any art, especially abstract oils, charcoals, and pastels.  She draws a parallel to the two worlds when she says, “A beautiful piece of furniture should say the same thing as a painting.  It should speak to a time and place, a thoughtful attention to detail, and it should get prettier every time you look at it.  Hopefully it evokes an image in one’s eye and heart that is lasting.”

Reception Friday, December 2, 5pm - 8pm
Retrospective of Paintings by Carl Plansky @ Atherton Mill
2000 South Boulevard, Charlotte North Carolina

Monday, Thursday & Saturday 11am - 3pm
Exhibition runs through December 10

Rooney has selected an interesting range of period pieces, 
both English and French, to compliment the dynamic works of Plansky:

The Red Sofa SOLD:  A true collectors dream, the chinoiserie red sofa is a “one of” in dealer speak.  The Queen Anne style back provides drama to the always elegant chinoiserie detailing on the legs and base.  With this mid 19th century English Sofa, covered in white duck, Robison makes a bold statement about blending the old and the new.  Paired alongside the sofa are a regency set of nesting tables, also chinoiserie and also imperial red.   Both pieces are unique in their own right, but paired with Plansky’s Flower in Red are provocative.

Demi-lune Serving Piece, 1860:  The demi-lune is a must have for any collector, and provides great interest with it’s famous half moon shape.  What makes this chest especially unique is it’s modern sensibility, providing wonderful storage for any dining room essential.  With cabinets and drawers, the chest gives adequate balance to a room and ideal for artwork above.  Fruitwood inlay further enhances this lovely mahogany piece.

Not pictured, however also displayed with the collection:

Irish Chippendale Carver (from a set of 14): This “carver”, also described as a dining room chair with arms,  is large and dramatic.  The intricate woodwork, not unlike the elaborate brush strokes of Plansky’s art, shows masterful detail.  The hues of the wood speaks to the rich tradition of the Irish chair.

Putti on Stand:  A favorite of Robison’s, this angel, most likely graced an alter from an English cathedral.  The sculptural element speaks to the artisans of the day, an art form largely lost.

Architect’s Table and Chairs: Crafted of glass, steel and wood, this oversize drafting table is French as are the chairs.  Ideal for an office, the table provides a flat surface to work on and stools that can be adjusted.

“Copy of a Zinc Window” Mirror: done in wood.

Metal Wine Dispenser: This barrel shaped wine dispenser pre-dates glass jars or jugs used to store wine.  This dispenser would have stored wine for purchase; buyers would bring their pottery jugs daily from home to fill.  This dispenser would serve as a great ice bucket, and would be an ideal gift for any  “wine” aficionado. 

Retrospective of Paintings by Carl Plansky @ Atherton Mill
2000 South Boulevard, Charlotte North Carolina

Monday, Thursday & Saturday 11am - 3pm
Exhibition runs through December 10

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