Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get the Look! Edition No.11

(Adirondack Image via CrushCuldeSac Tumblr)

Summer is not quite over.
Unfortunately, we've still got a while until it cools off a bit,
but why not bring summer inside with the airconditioning
and add a little summer house style to your home!

(Boat/Dock Image via PrettyStuff Tumblr)

Summer is a Verb!
So whether you "summer" near or far, 
we've got wonderful accessories to add to your summer decor.
This driftwood seahorse would look adorable in a child's room 
or on any sun porch all summer long!

(Lifesaver Image via TheExcitedTraveler Tumblr)

We love these driftwood sailboats with
vintage linen sails!

(SeaGlass Image via CrumpledEnvelope Tumblr)

(Summer Sailing photo via CrushCuldeSac Tumblr)

Mary Emmerling's "Beach Cottages"
makes a wonderful summer house warming gift!
Maybe they'll invite you to stay just a wee bit longer!

(wave and seafan photograph via CrushCuldeSac Tumblr)

We don't think anything looks as crisp as these beautiful turquoise bottles!
Rooney thinks they'd make wonderful lamps too!

(Interior Design Photo via TresMcKinney)

We can't mention summer sparkle without bringing up
Artie Vanderpool's vintage glass bottles with soldered crystal tops!
...assorted sizes and varied prices...

(Interior Image via FirstHome Tumblr)

No nautical look is complete without a little brass!
And Champagne thinks these galvanized planters
would make fabulous bedside tables!
(Hurry, she's got her eye on these!)

Nautical style at it's best!
The sailor's rope edge table is wonderful!
(Brighton England)

(beach photo via BrownEyedBelleJulie Blog)

(Interior Design Image via HomeBunch)

(reclaimed wood image via PrettyStuff Tumblr)

Please contact the shop if you need a little summer house style!
We'll help you cool things off with all of these wonderful summer accessories and furnishings!
Come see us (before we melt)!

Please note that interior design photos are not images of our merchandise,
only inspiration we have gathered to help you GET THE LOOK! 
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