Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We've Got The Blues!

(image via Design Chic)

(image: Jackye Lanham via Cote de Texas)

Small Square Strainer (6.25"x6.25), 2nd Pictured (12.75"x9"), 
3rd Pictured (12"x8.75"), 4th Pictured (14.25"x9.5")

Antique strainers are wonderful to hang in groupings with
other stoneware, porcelains or Staffordshire figurines. 

(image via CrushCuldeSac)

(interior image via Cote de Texas)

These Staffordshire Poodles are a wonderful size.
(9"tall x 6"wide)

(Interior Image via CrushCuldeSac)

1. Large Strainer $195  2. Large Platter (c1890) $525 3. Large Strainer $195 
4. Small Square Strainer $115  5. Imari Vase (c1880) $125 
6. Mason's Tureen with Laddel (as is) $350 
7. Large Strainer $195 8. Imari Bowl (c1850) $475 9. Majolic Teapot $800 
10. Slow Blossom Bowl $125 11. Matchbox Dish $90

(Interior Image via CrushCuldeSac)

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