Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Treatment!

Everyone's so excited!
With the Royal Wedding of William & Kate fast approaching,
we're all feeling like we need a little royal treatment.

(hand finished platinum, over 30% best burnished gold, each piece is hand-painted by artists and calligraphers)

~ Halcyon Days, ~ founded by Mrs. Benjamin, are the "proud holders
of the royal warrant for more than 20 years."

Our English Home Magazine arrived yesterday!
This article on The Royal Wedding Bone China added to our excitement!
Of course there are commemorative collections (some goodsome bad)
being created and sold for this memorable occasion,
...but we're feeling especially proud of our porcelains today...

If you're not on the guest list 
and need a reason to be an early riser Friday morning,
perhaps if your breakfast table was adorned with beautiful European china,
it would be easier to hop out of bed!

We'll be watching, will you?

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