Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your chance to bid!

We are delighted to offer two period pieces and one
benchmade piece for the Mint's Room to Bloom's silent auction.

Adams Revival Center Table, circa 1820-1880, England
(67"long x 30"wide x 31.5"high)
retail value $7,975

This "serving" table is on the mark. Noteworthy tables of this period include reeding or fluted legs, neoclassical decorative motifs, and especially rare examples were painted. This piece has all of these details and more. The mahogany inlaid top is choice and the apron features a carved guilloche pattern which speaks to today's collector. This type of table predates the beloved sideboard.

Antique Giltwood and Crystal Candelabra, 18th Century, France
(33"tall x 13"wide)
retail value $11,800

These candelabra, the French term for a pair of illuminated candlesticks, are nothing if not dramatic. This pair is elegant, gracious and evokes a sophisticated mood. The glassworks, cut and etched carefully to reflect the candle light's prism, would have been placed in front of a mirror, much like ours is here today. Combining the reflection of the mirror, the cut glass and the flickering flame would propel magical lighting into the room and among the guests. Such soft lighting could only make the evening more charming.

Benchmade Painted Mirror, 18th Century French Style
(48"high x 54.5"wide)
retail value $1,200

This benchmade mirror is handpainted in French, 18th Century style. It is a perfect reproduction to mix with period pieces to complete this elegant look.

Please feel free to stop by the shop to see these beautiful
auction items and place your silent bid by April 25!

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