Friday, August 27, 2010

Little is the new Big...

Ruler c. 1890 $68
Assorted Silver Thimbles c.1890 $45
Pinch Beck Seal c.1890 $125

Pinch Beck Seal Watch Fob (c.1890) $125

9 ct. Gold Watch Fob
England, c.1900, $458

Gold Watch Fob  $458
Panditae Calestes Fortae
"Lay Open the Gates of Heaven"

Miniature Silver Candlesticks  $1,375 pair

Brass Fishing Creel Snuff Box $495

Miniature Salesman Sample Candle sticks
(4" tall, 2" base) 
1" Miniature Brass Bucket
(originally probably used as a measure)

Silver Match Box Cases $99

Framed Wax Intagios c. 1890
$110 each

Mother of Pearl Fruit & Pin Knives, $260 each

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