Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thinking outside the BOX!

3 Drawer Mahogany Bow Front Chest c.1880 $1300
(38"H x 40"W x 20.5"D)
Book Lamp c.1900 $475
Wooden Lion Mask c.1900 UK $140

Pine Georgian Knife Box c.1880 $750

Large Pine Domed Box c.1890 $280
Medium Pine Box c.1900 England $100
Small Pine Box c.1900 England $100
3 Drawer Pine Server c.1890 $2575
(71"L x 19"D x 30"H)

Polished Steel Boxes Assorted Sizes c.1900 $150 each

English Chair c.1880-1900 $250
Barley Twist Rush Top Stool  $290
Pine Stool with Cut Out Handle $125
Leather Hat Boxes $655 each
Wooden Cooper with Lid c.1860 $275

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