Friday, May 28, 2010

We were framed!

2 Engravings, Kips Views, c.1719, $795 each

6 OOLOGY British Bird Egg Engravings
c.1860, $245 each

Black & White Scottish Engravings
c. 1790, $450 (pair)

Weinmann Botanicals, Mirrored Frames
c.1739-45, $595 each
Miniature Giltwood Oval Portraits
c.1890, $185 each
Mirror Candelabra $225
Oval French Oil Portrait, Agatha DaPartune
c.1755, $1,450
French Sun hats $65 each
French Beds w/ Frame and Custom Mattress
c.1890 $2,200
Antique Belgian Lace Pillows (2) $250 each

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