Friday, May 28, 2010

Majolica in our Cupboard...

English Bamboo Amoire $4,675
(38"W x 18"D x 87"T)

Girl & Boy Figurine, c.1900, $40 (pair)
Staffordshire Darby & Joan $325
Figurines $325 (pair)
Greyhounds, c.1890, $325 (pair)
Wedgewood Cauliflower Cup & Saucer, c.1900, $275/set
Asparagus Plates, c.1890, $795 (pair) 

French Majolica Jug, c.1900, $445
Cauliflower Cup & Saucer Sets, c.1900, $275/set
Majolica Corn Jug, c.1890, $95
Agenta Ware Plate, c.1860 UK, $245
Yellow Majolica Dish, c.1880, $450
Wedgewood Mottled Plate, c.1860, $460

Sack Jugs (2) c.1890, $80 each
Brown Westhead Moore Lily Pad Plates (2) $145 each
French Potter Jug, c.1900, $245
Majolica Match Strike, c.1880, $155
Majolica Curly Dog, c.1880, $1,250

Zebra Spill Vase $550
Zebra Figurines, c.1860, $1,265 (pair)
Pink French Majolica Plate, c.1900, $160
Swedish Daisy Plate, c.1918-20, $85
Assorted Antique Books

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